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Must Read - Exotic Pet Emergency Care

Your pet parakeet, cockatiel, beardie, guinea pig or ferret is a part of your family. You want to give them the best possible care and make sure they stay safe. But even with regular checkups and preventative care, emergencies do happen.

What constitutes an emergency and how can you tell when your pet is really sick? Who can you call if it's 10PM on a Sunday and your exotic pet needs emergency care? Read on to learn the signs to look for so you can best help your beloved pet if they are in urgent need of medical attention.

sugar glider in need of medical care

When does your exotic pet need emergency services?

Below is a list of signs and symptoms that indicate your pet bird or small mammal needs emergency care.

Signs of an Emergency in Your Pet Bird

  • Bleeding that does not quickly stop such as that due to broken blood feathers, trauma, or inappropriate grooming.

  • Bobbing the tail

  • Breathing trouble, including panting for breath, wheezing or increased respiratory effort

  • Nonresponsive, lethargic

  • Vomiting or not eating

  • Trauma

  • Seizures or loss of consciousness

  • Your pet is staying on the floor of the cage, sitting fluffed up or extreme lethargic

Signs of an Emergency in Your Small Mammal

  • Not eating, no food intake for 24 hours

  • Trauma, wound or obvious injury

  • Your small mammal is displaying signs of obvious distress

  • Broken bones, burns or other severe injuries

  • Breathing trouble such as increased respiratory effort, gasping or breathing with the mouth open

You know your pet better than anyone else. You can tell when they are not acting right. It's always best to air on the safe side and take them to a vet.

Want to get your pet seen right away?

If you live in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut area, contact the expert veterinary team at LIBEVC (We work exclusively with exotics!) We offer late night and emergency appointments.

When can an emergency wait until tomorrow?

Sometimes your exotic pet is sick, but doesn't need to be seen in the middle of the night. In that care, we recommend calling your local exotic vet so you can get an appointment in the next day or two. If you live in the tri-sate area, call LIBEVC during regular business hours or leave a message on our animal emergency line. Non-urgent messages can be left on the clinic's voice mail at (516) 482-1101. A representative from the clinic will be in touch the following morning after 9AM.

What about injured or sick wildlife?

Oftentimes, exotic vets receive calls about wildlife in need of veterinary care? Not all vets are able to see these animals, but there are resources you can contact. Visit our wildlife page to learn more about how we help wild animals here at Long Island Bird & Exotics, and what to do if you find injured or sick wildlife.

Think you need an emergency appointment for your pet?

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