Must Read - Exotic Pet Emergency Care

Your bird, lizard, or ferret is a part of your family. You want the best care, but even with preventative checkups emergencies happen.

How to take your bird in for avian vet emergencies services birds


  • Bleeding that does not quickly stop such as that due to broken blood feathers, trauma, or inappropriate grooming

Respiratory trouble

If you see these signs in your bird, then you may need to seek exotic pet emergency services

  • Bobbing the tail

  • Obvious respiratory distress including panting for breath, wheezing, increased respiratory effort

Other signs you may need emergency pet care

  • Staying on the floor of the cage, sitting fluffed up, or extreme lethargy

  • Vomiting or not eating

  • Trauma

  • Seizures or loss of consciousness

When to take your small mammal in for exotic pet emergency services

Not eating

  • No food intake for 24 hours is a huge warning sign

Has a wound or obvious injury

  • If the animal experiences trauma or is in obvious distress

  • Broken bones, burns, or other severe injuries

Breathing trouble

  • Increase respiratory effort

  • Gasping or breathing with the mouth open

You know your pet better than anyone else. You can tell when they are not acting right. Using a leading exotic vet with anesthesia, endoscopic, and surgical capabilities ensure your exotic pet gets the best care when emergencies arise.




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