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Bird's Regular Wellness and Preventive Check up - Expectations

You might think your pet bird is a pet that you can take to the same vet as your cat or dog, but you may want to consider why a bird vet is necessary. Your vet should be a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians and Board Certified to handle exotic animals. A specialist has the training, skills, and equipment to handle any needs at a bird hospital.

Your first visit to the bird vet

Gathering an in-depth history and a full exam are the two goals of your first trip to the bird clinic. Your vet wants to find out as much as they can about your furry friend, so they need a baseline to compare against for future actions and visits. The bird vet may restrain your bird with a leather glove to make it easier to perform the exam and keep your bird calm. Weight and height will be measured. If anything seems amiss, your vet will recommend blood work, X-rays, and other tests as needed.

What to expect at a routine bird clinic check up

  • Weight and measurements

  • Eye, beak, heart, lung, and wing exam

  • Check for leg, spine, and feet injuries

  • Inside the mouth exam to to checkfor disease or problems

  • Hunting birds should get checked in January and August before and after hunting

  • Regular pet birds should go in May and September for check ups

Why you need to know where the closest bird hospital is located today?

  • Bird diseases are hard to identify

  • Early problems often go unnoticed

  • Quick access for problems

When you need a bird vet in New York, the Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic is ready to take care of your pet. With the leading technologies and specialists at our bird clinic, you know your pet is in the best hands. Call today at (516) 482-1101.

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