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Advanced Imaging

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CT Scans for Your Bird & Exotic Pet

Most of the patients we see here at Long Island Bird and Exotic Vet Clinic are extremely small. When it comes to treating them, we need detailed images of these species. While radiographs can accomplish this for certain areas and certain types of pets, CTs provide the most accurate non-invasive imaging. 

Our Vimago High-Definition CT Scanner

In 2017, LIBEVC brought in the latest in advanced imaging, becoming the only hospital in New York State to have a CT exclusively for birds and exotic animals.

Our CT machine not only provides us with a complete 3-D image of your pet, but allows us to assess internal organs without making a single incision. Our scanning process if fast, provides a fully reconstructed image within minutes and allows us to use minimal sedation while still achieving the safe-position required for a perfect study. We have a dedicated CT room so pets and their owners can stay together before, during and after sedation.

We use our CT scan to help us diagnose our patients, plan surgeries, and to assist in performing procedures such as orthopedic pin placement. We offer a comprehensive CT package for clients, so our patients can achieve the most advanced imaging in the exotic’s specialty setting.

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