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Here at LIBEVC, we've teamed up with Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics to make a difference not only in the lives of people's pets, but in the lives of wildlife as well. While we do treat wildlife at the clinic, all wild animals must come to us directly from a rehabilitation center. 


Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics and LIBEVC provide veterinary care to wild birds and small wildlife from Long Island, Westchester County, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. We work in association with The Wild Bird Fund and other licensed conservation organizations.


Please Note: We do not accept injured wildlife from the general public. We can only accept injured wildlife through these organizations.

Wildlife Rescue Centers

If you do find an animal in need of help, we encourage you to call one of the following wildlife rescue centers. 

Below is a list of reliable organizations and their contact details:

exotic pet birds

If the rehabilitation center does not answer, please leave a message and wait for assistance. Additional Individual wildlife rehabilitation contacts can also be found at the NYC Department of Environmental Conservation.

Will you support our work saving wildlife?

Your donations allow us to continue our work in saving injured and sick wildlife. To make a donation, please visit the RVWC websiteEvery bit helps!


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