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Anesthesia, Surgery & Endoscopy

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Advanced Anesthesia for Your Exotic Pet

When it comes to anesthesia, reptiles, exotic mammals and birds require different equipment and methods than other species. At LIBEVC, our veterinarians and staff are trained in providing the safest anesthesia for both routine and higher risk procedures. 

Our anesthetic practices include:

  • Fluid Therapy: whether it’s a mammal, reptile or bird, our surgical patients are given IV catheters and receive fluids during and after surgery.

  • Ventilation: We intubate almost all species that come into our clinic for surgery. Our mechanical ventilator controls your pet’s breathing during surgical procedures. We use endoscope guided intubation for species that are not easily intubated.

  • Anesthetic Monitoring: While all pets require monitoring during procedures, certain technical and equipment modifications are needed when dealing with feathered, scaly and extra small patients! In our advanced veterinary facilities, we are able to monitor and control temperature, oxygen levels, blood pressure, ET-CO2, and more.

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