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Your Pet Deserves the Best.

Welcome to Long Island's leading hospital for Avian and Exotics pets. Our team includes board-certified veterinarians, trained to meet the needs of your birds, reptiles, small mammals and other exotic pets—exclusively.

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Pets We Treat

At Long Island Bird & Exotics, we specialize in treating avian and exotic pets including reptiles, parrots, sugar gliders, rabbits, chinchillas and other small mammals.

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Areas We Serve

Our patients come from Long Island and the entire NYC area, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, as well as Connecticut and New Jersey.

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Services We Provide

We provide regular checkups for preventative care as well as advanced veterinary services such as endoscopy, anesthesia and minimally invasive surgery. We also provide emergency veterinary services, medical boarding and grooming.

Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic & Hospital

We are the only avian and exotic pet hospital in Nassau County and we proudly serve pets from Long Island, NYC, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Not Your Average Vet

Unlike traditional vets who see mostly cats and dogs, we are a specialty animal hospital with specially-trained vets who are experts in caring for and treating reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, parrots and other birds. In fact, we do not see dogs and cats at all.

Cutting-Edge Vet Care for Exotic Pets

We offer preventative care and annual checkups for pet rabbits, birds, exotic mammals, fish and any other exotic pets. A full-service medical and surgical facility, we provide whole-life care for your avian and exotic pets. We have state-of-the-art facilities so we can conduct CT-scans, advanced imaging, endoscopies and veterinary surgeries, right here at our Great Neck, Long Island animal clinic.


We’re Right Nearby!

To schedule an appointment, call (516) 482-1101 or complete this form and we'll promptly get back to you. Our Long Island animal clinic is less than 30 minutes from Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. (See directions below)

          Office Hours








9:00 am   -  9 pm

9:00 am   -  9 pm

9:00 am   -  9 pm

9:00 am   -  9 pm

9:00 am   -  5 pm

9:00 am   -  5 pm

10:30 am -  3 pm

*For after hours emergencies until midnight call (516) 441-2726. Otherwise call (516) 482-1101.

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Payment options available:

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Caring for the


Not all of our patients are house pets. We also proudly care for our environment and treat local wildlife. Injured animals are often brought to us by local wildlife organizations. We have saved birds, hawks and more. 

Please Note: We do not accept injured wildlife from the general public. We can only accept injured wildlife through wildlife organizations.

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Pet Emergency

At Long Island Bird & Exotics we do our best to accommodate your emergencies! If you have a pet emergency or are looking for a pet hospital on Long Island, in New York, or near New Jersey or southern Connecticut, give us a call.

What They're Saying About Us

"Our Green Wing Macaw required emergency care.  The entire staff could not have been more supportive and caring.  We initially chose LI Bird and Exotics because they were the only Avian Veterinarian available.  We now know that they are not just available they are the best place to go!!! We will make the hour trip for all of our birds to see this dedicated, caring and professional team of knowledgeable Doctors and staff.  Thank you for saving our bird’s life!!"

-Bruce & Janine Day

Meet Our Patients

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