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I  highly recommend this veterinary practice. Not only are the vets and staff professional, knowledgeable,  capable and accessible, they are caring.  I had an emergency with one of my cockatiels at 11:30 on a Saturday night (of course, problems always occur at the worst possible time! ). LI BEVC was able to accommodate him first thing Sunday morning even though he had never been a patient there before.  


Dr. Malka diagnosed my bird's illness and even though his recovery took six months,  my cockatiel is back to his old "chirpful" self. Recently my lovebird developed a sarcoma on the elbow of her left wing. Unfortunately it had to be amputated. Dr. Malka and Dr. Renna spent time answering all of my questions before surgery.  Thanks to Dr. Malka, my lovebird came through with flying colors. I also like these vets' approach to maintaining a companion bird's health. Annual exams and routine blood tests are encouraged as the info that can be garnered is deemed to outweigh the small risk that drawing blood from a small bird may pose. Obviously I would have preferred that my cockatiel not have experienced his scary breathing distress, but at least one good thing came of it - I found LI BEVC.

Marliese Flis

parrot vet near me

During the 4+ years that Dr. Malka has treated my ferrets, I have been very impressed by his focus on the comfort, safety, and well being of his patients. Despite his extremely busy schedule, he always managed to make time to see my ferrets when there was a problem or need.

I am grateful to Dr. Malka for his interest in getting a new non-surgical treatment that was not available at the time. After my request for Deslorelin implants for my ferrets, he worked with a colleague at another animal clinic to procure them. It was through his initiation that this treatment first became available in NYC.

I found Dr. Malka to be the best anesthesiologist of all the vets I have seen over the past 15 years. Whether my ferrets were sedated or had general anesthesia, they were alert within a short period of time. Though he only performed two external surgeries on my ferret, I believe he is a very good surgeon as well.

In addition, I greatly respect Dr. Malka’s nonprofit veterinary work on animals in Africa and of local wildlife in NYC. On his website he has the best quote, by Henry Beston, that I have ever read about animals and their relationship to humans.


S. Edwards

parrot vets near me

I can't say enough incredible things about The Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic!! They were extremely caring, attentive, and professional. These guys are superstars! My pet ferret was not eating for days, but after our visit, he's now running around the house happy and full of energy. Thanks, guys!!

Dave C.

bunny vet near me

Dr. Shachar Malka is really a genius when it comes to exotics. I'm so grateful for his kind and expert care. He helped my bunny through a very difficult year. He thinks out-of-the-box, solving exotic pet problems with extensive knowledge combined with unique and creative solutions. If you have an exotic pet, he/she (and you) will find the best of care here.

Anna C.

guinea pig vet

Dr. Malka is the best. He has treated my guinea pigs for the past 2 years. He is direct and reasonable, no bs. He has performed numerous procedures for my pets helping them to get well again. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an exotic vet.

Katherine B.

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