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Medical Boarding and Grooming

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Medical Boarding and Grooming

Medical Boarding

Long Island Bird & Exotic Vet Clinic offers medical boarding services for our patients, including birds, reptiles, small mammals and more. By offering medical boarding when you’re out of town, we are able to make sure your pet receives the best care even when you’re away. 

Our passionate staff members and doctors provide specialized care for your pet based on the needs of their species. This includes making sure they have the correct enclosure set-up and giving them appropriate socialization every day. We board birds of all sizes, exotic mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and small marsupials. And since our clinic only treats exotic pets, stress from feline & canine patients are no problem! 

Veggies Included!

Our clinic maintains a garden and keeps a fridge full of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as high quality hay, pellets and treats for your pet! Food, water and enclosures are cleaned multiple times a day and each pet spends several hours socializing with our experienced staff members. When weather permits, the pets get to enjoy our fenced in grass yard, with supervision from our team.

Want to Board Your Exotic Pet with Us?

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NOTE: LIBEVC requires all boarded pets be current on vaccinations and other medical tests. This is to ensure the healthy and safety of all of our patients and to ensure we always meet the highest standards of care and disease prevention protocols.

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