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Anesthesia, Surgery & Endoscopy

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Endoscopy & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Much of the technology seen here at LIBEVC is on par with what owners would expect to experience at their own human specialty hospitals. Our endoscopy machine has many different roles in the clinic, from oral exams to examining the internal organs of the body through tiny incisions. We utilize different types of endoscopes based on procedure needs and the size of our patient. These tools allow us to use endoscope-guided intubation, collect biopsies from various organs, shorten anesthesia time, remove foreign bodies from within the gastrointestinal tract without cutting a patient, and performing minimally invasive surgeries! 

So what’s the difference between endoscopy & minimally invasive surgery?

Endoscopy is the practice of using a tool called an endoscope to enter the body and present images to the doctor on a screen, using a camera in the scope. We use the process of endoscopy to perform effective dental procedures on rabbits and rodents, for cloacoscopy on birds and reptiles, gastrointestinal evaluation through colonoscopy or upper endoscopy, and so much more! 

Minimally invasive surgery is a technique that involves the use of endoscopy to perform a procedure that will minimize incision size, exposure of the internal body cavity, and decrease recovery time. Using an endoscope allows the surgeon to visualize and work within the body cavity without making a large incision. This method is often used when collecting biopsies of internal organs, when masses or areas of infection need to be examined & treated, and is also used in surgical procedures such as spay procedures. Minimally invasive surgery is just the application and modification of endoscopic procedures and help us bring advanced surgery and treatment to our exotic patients. 

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