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Brooklyn Area Avian and Exotic Vet Clinic

Long Island Bird and Exotics is conveniently located near Brooklyn, New York, just on the other side of the Cross Island Parkway. If you have an exotic pet, parrot, or rabbit, this nearby clinic is an optimal choice. The professional veterinarians at Long Island Bird & Exotic Vet Clinic are specially trained to care for exotic pets. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and an in-house CT scan so diagnoses are accurate and fast. This is the vet clinic to go to for all Brooklyn pet owners who want to give their furry, feathered and leathered friends the very best veterinary care. 

What’s Right Near Brooklyn? New York’s Finest Vet!

The BEST Exotic Pet Veterinary Clinic for Brooklyn...Is on Long Island

  • CT Scan on site (No other vet in Brooklyn or Long Island has one.)

  • Exotic pet vets who are specially trained to treat reptiles, parrots, small mammals and more

  • Emergency vet care for Brooklyn residents

  • Top-notch facilities equipped with advanced imaging software, endoscopes and more

  • Grooming services

  • Boarding facilities for your pet, so you can travel worry-free

  • Short drive from Brooklyn, NY

Why Choose Long Island Bird and Exotics?

LIBEVC is a leading avian and exotic pet clinic and hospital. We offer world-class care for your parrots, reptiles, small mammals and more, whether you live in Brooklyn, Long Island, or other nearby towns. Many of our patients come from Brooklyn neighborhoods like Park Slope, Ditmas Park, Crown Heights, Bushwick and Williamsburg.

If you have a pet rabbit, birds, exotic mammals, lizards, fish, sugar gliders or more, you will definitely want to meet Dr. Malka and his team. Long Island Bird and Exotic Vet Clinic offers everything your pet needs, from diagnosis and medical care to surgery, when needed.

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Emergency Vet Care Near Brooklyn

We offer emergency veterinary care when you call our emergency line. We are committed to providing the highest level of care for exotic animals and birds in Long Island, Brooklyn, and throughout the 5 boroughs.

Meet Some of Our Patients from Brooklyn!

We’re Right Around the Corner!

Call (516) 482-1101 or send us an email. We will be in touch right away. Our location is very easy to get to from Brooklyn.

How to get from Brooklyn, NY to Long Island Bird & Exotics Vet Clinic

Long Island Bird & Exotics Vet Clinic is a short drive from Brooklyn. You can get here from Long Island Expressway or Grand Central Parkway. The quickest route without traffic is to take 495 in Queens and head east to Exit 32 Little Neck Parkway. Travel North on Little Neck Parkway.  In approximately 1 mile make a right on Northern Boulevard. In a mile make left on Great Neck Road.  We are approximately 1 mile north on the left-hand side with a parking lot after the building.

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