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Rabbits Like to Eat Chocolate Easter Eggs and Other Misconceptions

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Been watching too many movies or reading too many beauty magazines? We've all seen those overused images:

A beautiful rabbit perched inside the egg it recently hatched from, wearing a straw hat with a red bow. This happy rabbit seems to have been nibbling on the chocolate resting on the side table, neatly set for a tea party with another rabbit friend before the photo was taken…

Guess what? All of those pictures of rabbits have been photoshopped! And while rabbits are not susceptible to body image issues in the same way that humans are, having false information out there could sometimes be dangerous.

To set the record straight, we consulted with our rabbit friends and put together a small list of common misconceptions about the rabbit species.

1. Misconception: Rabbits like to eat chocolate.

Rabbits should not be eating chocolate! It is dangerous to their health and can even be fatal. If you forgot some chocolate lying around (I don't know why you didn't finish it in the first place...) and are concerned you have a sick rabbit, don't hesitate to call us at LIBEVC!

2. Misconception: Rabbits lay eggs.

No, no, no... Rabbits are mammals. Come on, guys! They give birth and feed their babies with milk. They can give birth to around 8 babies at a time and can become pregnant quickly soon after birth, so keep an eye out for that if you're not up to caring for all those rabbits. Or even better, get your pet rabbit spayed or neutered.

3. Misconception: Bunnies, Rabbits and Hares are all the same.

Wrong again! First off, let's clear the air. Bunny isn’t just a cute way of saying rabbit. The term bunny comes from the word “coney.” Pronounced “cunny”; it was used in the 1800s to describe wild rabbits. Today, the word bunny can be used to describe a rabbit of any age. (Not just the youngins!) Second, rabbits and hares are not even the same species! In addition to physical differences, they eat different diets, live in different habitats in the wild and—most importantly—only rabbits will be welcome in your home. Hares cannot be domesticated.

4. Misconception: Rabbits mostly eat carrots.

Well, they do eat carrots, but that’s not all. Not by a long shot! Caring for your rabbit means giving them the right nutrition and healthy rabbits should be eating hay as about 75% of their diet. Turns out, carrots and other veggies should only make up a small percentage of their diet.

5. Misconception: Rabbits are natural drummers.

I'm sure there are rabbits out there with great rhythm, but when your rabbit starts thumping its foot, it doesn’t mean she wants to start a band. It could mean that your pet is afraid or angry. The tapping, while cute, is actually a defense mechanism and you don't want to see it that often.

6. Misconception: Rabbits are great with children.

Rabbits need time to grow accustomed to their owners. Since they are a prey species by nature, rabbits have an innate fear of loud noises or creatures that are much larger than they are. Rabbits can also be very territorial. While their soft fur is tempting to pet and they DO get to know their owners, you should not leave children unsupervised with rabbits.

There are many rumors out there about rabbits...some true some false. If you have any concerns, the best thing to do is to take your fluff buddy to the closest rabbit vet near you and make sure you're informed about the best way to care for your rabbit.

Have a new rabbit?

Schedule an appointment to make sure all is well and check out our complete Rabbit Care Guide for invaluable tips about how to welcome your new rabbit into your home.

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