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How Our Practice Has Changed Due to COVID-19


COVID-19 has altered the way we run our practice here at Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic. From stopping our after-hours emergency services, to changing how we run routine exams, we’ve made some big changes. While it has taken some trial and error to get used to the new office flow, we’re happy to say that we’ve acclimated to the new order of things. Here are a few differences in how things are run that you can expect to see around the LIBEVC office:

  • Masks are required by all personnel. Each of our staff members has their own mask which must be worn at all times. The majority of these masks were made by the staff members themselves since the surgical masks are saved for operations only. There’s been a massive shortage of equipment and items we need for our appointments, and we’re doing our best to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff.

  • While our hours of operation have remained the same, we’ve stopped our 24-hour emergency services. Instead, we specifically block off time each day in the event of emergency surgeries. There are wait lists for elective surgeries such as spays and neuters. If your pet is experiencing a true emergency and we are unable to see you, we advise you to contact the Veterinary Emergency Group at their Brooklyn location at (718) 677-6700, or at the Long Island location at (516) 693-8859.

  • Owners must wait outside in their cars while their pets are brought in for exams. This is due to the fact that no one besides employees is allowed in the building unless otherwise determined by the staff. Once an exam is complete the doctor speaks with the owners at their car to go over the appointment with them.. In addition, payments are now taken by phone only. While we know not being in the room with your pet can be difficult, rest assured that your exotic pet is receiving plenty of love and attention from our doctors and techs.

  • Rather than having techs talk to owners about their concerns and their pet’s medical history during the appointment, we call ahead of time to do an intake. This way, the doctor can immediately begin examining the animal since an updated history has already been recorded. We’ve found that this has allowed us to fit in more appointments. Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve never been busier, and we’re working hard at fitting in appointments while of course maintaining the quality of care we pride ourselves on.

While we’ve had to adjust how we run our practice during Coronavirus, our number one priority continues to be the health of our animals. Don’t forget that ongoing care is still necessary for your pet’s health, and that you should absolutely continue to bring them in for annual checkups. We are grateful that you continue to trust LIBEVC to take care of your furry, feathered, and scaly loved ones.

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