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Pet Insurance Saves Lives: For Exotics, Too

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Just like any member of your family, you want to give your pet the very best care. And here at LIBEVC, our talented team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to doing everything we can to give your pets long, happy and healthy lives. That’s one reason our staff members recommend considering pet insurance for your exotic pets.

3 Reasons Our Vets Recommend Pet Insurance for Exotics

A good pet insurance policy does more than cover expensive, complex procedures. Many policies also cover regular checkups and preventative care. We work with pet owners every day and see the incredible benefits of having insurance.

Three core reasons we recommend insurance are:

  1. It reduces stress.

  2. It keeps families out of debt.

  3. It can give your pet access to advanced preventative care or costly treatments for specific conditions.

Insurance Options for Exotics

Nationwide Pet Insurance offers top-rate aid for all exotic pets with multiple coverage options. You can use it with any licensed veterinarian, including specialists and emergency providers.

“As a receptionist, I can definitely see how our clients [with insurance] feel a lot more confident making financial decisions about their pet’s care,” explains LIBEVC’s Stephanie Ibanez. “They’ll just swipe and swipe knowing that they’ll be reimbursed for their sick visit. But you should still weigh the pros and cons of getting exotic pet insurance that makes sense for your family.”

Particularly as your pet gets older, insurance can save you significant money. Our veterinary nurse, Hallie Ovadia, shared her own experience with an aging dog. “Older pets usually need consistent healthcare. It’s a good investment. My dog got diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13. My pet insurance covers 80% of his diabetic related medical costs, such as his FreeStyle Libre, blood glucose and urine checks.”

Avoid an Impossible Decision

Day in and day out, we see the life-saving power of early and advanced diagnostics through CT scans. Day in and day out, we use our top-of-the line equipment to perform life saving procedures and surgeries every single day.

Yet too often, pet owners everywhere are put into impossible situations where financial considerations prevent them from being able to offer their pets all available options for treatment and preventative care.

Pet insurance offers an affordable way to ensure that you’ll never be faced with this heart-wrenching choice. Stephanie Wieczorek, a LVT here at LIBEVC explains, “It is an unfortunate reality that a pet owner’s personal finances sometimes dictate the method of treatment for your pet. With pet insurance, you have peace of mind to get your pet the proper care they need. Your finances don’t have to decide your method of treatment for your pet.”

Have Questions About Your Pet?

If you want to consult with us about your specific pet and what’s best for them, we’re happy to answer your questions.

NOTE: Long Island Bird and Exotics does not endorse or recommend any specific insurance provider over others, though currently Nationwide is the only US-based pet insurance that covers exotics. This may no longer be accurate at your time of reading this.

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Charles Carter
Charles Carter
4 days ago

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