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Sugar Glider - Common Health Problems & Preventive Care

Are you the proud parent of an adorable little sugar glider? Does your furry pet look to you whenever they are overwhelmed or nervous? At Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic, we provide the leading sugar glider preventative care in the tri-state area. We want you to know what sugar glider health problems to watch out for, just in case you have questions.

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Common sugar glider health problems requiring veterinary care

  • Appetite changes including signs of malnutrition - these problems are common when websites use unverified care tips instead of information from an exotic pet specialist

  • Paralysis of limbs

  • Blindness or cataracts

  • Refusing to drink water

  • Fast weight gain

  • Seizures

  • Discharge from the eyes or nose

  • Dietary changes that cause diarrhea

  • Stress problems - cannibalism, self-mutilating symptoms, abnormal eating patterns

  • Loss of hair

Sugar glider preventative care services from LIBEVC

  • New pet health exam

  • Annual blood work, fecal exam or diagnostic testing as needed

Why choose LIBEVC as your sugar glider vet?

  • We work to provide the top care your exotic pet needs day in and day out

  • Patient care center - answering all your questions about housing or sugar glider preventative care

  • Emergency services

  • Boarding and grooming

  • Years of experience

We help you provide your family with years of fun and companionship by maintaining a healthy regimen for your pet. We offer sugar glider health problem resolution and exams when you need assistance. Schedule your new pet visit or annual exam today at 516-482-1101. We want to help you care for your cute, little fur buddy!


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