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A Cop Car, A Bird Vet and a Red Tailed Hawk: One Bird’s Journey to Health

Meet Stephan Hawking, a beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk, He is among the many wild birds that we have treated at Long Island Birds and Exotics Vet Clinic, with the support of RVWC. He came to us through the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan. As an exotic pet and bird vet, we are used to treating many animals like Stephan who have been injured in the wild.

Long Island Exotic Bird Vet

Stephan Hawking’s Story

Last July, a good samaritan witnessed Stephan Hawking fall to the ground after colliding with a tree. The good samaritan took the shirt off his back to wrap the bird up for protection and with the help of two NYPD officers transported him to The Wild Bird Fund. It was there that they found he had multiple fractures of his left leg. His fractures were severe but after a long surgery at Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic and several weeks of intensive care and rehabilitation by the LIBEVC Staff, he was transported back to The WBF and then to The Raptor Trust where he was acclimated and released back into the wild.

Stephan Hawking is just one of many wild birds and exotic pets who we treat here at LIBEVC. If you have a bird or exotic pet who needs help or if you find an injured wild animal, let us know and we can help.

Contact Long Island Birds and Exotics.

Read more about Stephen's story in WBF's newsletter.

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Sam Dillard
Sam Dillard
6 days ago

Stories like this highlight the importance of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Kudos to everyone involved for their commitment to animal welfare. If anyone has a bird or exotic pet in need, LIBEVC is clearly a beacon of hope and care. Snow Rider

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