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What Makes Caring for an Exotic Pet Different Than a Dog or a Cat?

A pet is a pet, right? Not all animals are the same. How can you figure out what addition will be right for your family? Which exotic pet will fit into your lifestyle or schedule?

How exotic pets differ from traditional domestic pets

Little creatures have small metabolisms, different organs, and internal designs that are dissimilar to humans and domestic animals. Dogs and cats are not the same as lizards, sugar gliders, parrots, guinea pigs, and other exotic pets. Lizards, for instance, have different, nutritional needs than a kitten. Most exotic pets require specialized. Medical care is specific to each pet because small animals get sick fast or hide it for a long time prior to showing symptoms. Having the ability to call an exotic clinic or stop by for a couple of answers is often the best way to avoid of dangerous health issues.

What to do when you want an exotic pet

Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic provides routine health checks, first-visit exams, and emergency visits for any pet that is not a dog or cat. Perhaps you are in love with sugar gliders, or you think lizards are adorable. Do you know what food is best for a ferret? Does your chameleon need a cage or an aquarium? Should you put water in the tank with your box turtle? At LIBEVC, we love teaching our clients the particulars of exotic pet care.

Questions are an everyday part of our routine at LIBEVC because an exotic pet can go from healthy to severely ill in hours. Your iguana or parrounique pet. Let us help you givet will need special care because it is a your new addition the right start with a wellness check at 516-482-1101.

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