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Do's and Don'ts of Having a Pet Bearded Dragon

Do you have a pet bearded dragon? Are you planning to get one soon? We have all the things you should and should not do when you have these specific pets in our quick lists below.

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  • Keep new pets in a separate room for three to six months

  • Follow general hygiene rules by washing up before and after handling

  • Thoroughly wash hands after cleaning the habitat

  • Use day and night lights

  • Give your pet bearded dragon fresh air

  • Keep two temperature zones - one at 77 to 90 degrees and one at 90 to 100

  • House in separate enclosures unless using large containment and double everything including sleep and sunbathing areas

  • See an exotic vet for annual exams, blood work and fecal.

Bearded dragon habitat to-do's

  • Ten-gallon aquarium for baby dragons

  • Adults need quadruple the space as they are long

  • Use rocks and branches that can handle the weight of your bearded dragon

  • Room for several zones and multiple feeding areas

  • Have appropriate bedding – such as reptile-carpet, towels, newspaper or tiles

  • Offer a hiding spot or nesting area

Things to avoid

  • Loose bedding – such as corn cob cage liners, nut shells, gravel, cat litter, wood shavings or alfalfa pellets

  • Too many vitamins

  • Letting your pet bearded dragon run free - it can get too cold, eat something dangerous, get hurt, or run away

  • Putting two pets in the same cage or aquarium - adults may eat the very young

  • Lightening bugs

  • Insects not from the pet store because they can contain pesticides

  • Exposure to elements on basking equipment and lights

To keep your bearded dragon happy, healthy, and safe, follow our tips and schedule a check-up at Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic. Our staff is happy to answer any questions. Give us a call anytime at 516-482-1101.

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