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Why LIBEVC is Considered to be the Best Exotic Pet Clinic in the Bronx, NY?

When you have an exotic animal such as a parrot, you want to make sure that you get your pet the best possible care. A typical veterinarian may seem like the obvious choice for care, but you should seriously consider using an exotic vet. Your bird requires specialized care that a standard vet does not typically train for or offer.

Best Avian and Exotic Pet Vet in New York | Shachar Malka

Exotic vet checks and specialty equipment

When you take your pet to the exotic vet, you can expect a full check-up. You may notice that the office is a lot quieter because there are no loud animals most days promoting a better environment for skittish animals. They will measure and weigh the bird along with checking for any obvious signs of problems or trauma. An exotic vet understands the signs of possible health concerns.

What is the difference between an exotic pet clinic in the Bronx and a regular pet clinic?

An exotic vet will perform surgeries at the clinic, and will have the proper equipment to perform various types of operations. They have trained with other exotic vets and are knowledgable regarding the difference in care needed to treat domestic animals vs lizards, birds, and various mammals. Choosing an exotic pet clinic in the Bronx NY means that you are picking a veterinary specialist with board certification to take care of your new family member.

A certified Bronx NY exotic pet clinic will offer emergency services

Exotic birds can and often do require emergency care. A specialist is equipped and well prepared to take care of any problems that arise. They know how fast problems can deteriorate and provide speedy and comprehensive care no matter the time.

When you have a bird in the Bronx, you may want to use an exotic pet clinic that will provide complete care. A specialist will know what to check for when you come in for a visit.

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