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Finding the Right ChinChilla Veterinarian Near you

Your chinchilla veterinarian will perform a comprehensive oral health exam on your pet chinchilla when you bring him in for a check-up. He will inspect the teeth for problems and weigh your pet. Chinchillas are excellent pets for the right person or family, but they require special care as they are an exotic pet. They need space and exercise to thrive, and can suffer heat stroke easily if not properly monitored.

Chinchilla Vet | Long Island Bird and Exotic Pet Vet

Things you should know about chinchillas

  • Chinchillas need a lot of space to play, jump and run every day

  • Unless raised with another chinchilla, they should be housed in separate enclosures

  • Wire mesh is the best choice for caging material because chinchillas chew A LOT -DO NOT USE GALVANIZED MESH - it has zinc that is deadly to your exotic pet

  • Daily exercise outside the cage with heightened supervision is perfectly fine

  • Keep your pet away from temperatures above 80 degrees because they can easily collapse from heat stroke

  • Emergency care from a chinchilla veterinarian like the experts at Long Island Bird and Exotics Veterinary Clinic is necessary in the event of a collapse. Don’t wait!

  • A chinchilla veterinarian should perform an exam every year to maintain your pet chinchilla’s health.

LIBEVC is the leading Long Island chinchilla veterinarian

The chinchilla veterinarian at LIBEVC has years of experience working with exotic animals just like yours. He is board certified and highly capable of handling all aspects of care that your pet may need ranging from annual check-ups to sick care to emergency situations. As the leading Long Island veterinary practice in exotics, we provide endoscopy, anesthesia, surgical, preventative, and reproductive care among other services.

If you choose to make a chinchilla part of your family, then it is highly recommended to bring them in for a visit to establish a baseline health record for future care and preventative care check-ups. Our chinchilla veterinarian is available for any questions you may have. Give us a call at (516) 482-1101 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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