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Why LIBEVC is Considered the Best Exotic Pet Clinic in NYC and the Surrounding Areas

Long Island Bird and Exotics Vet Clinic, or LIBEVC, is highly skilled and educated in treating all species pf exotic pets ranging from guinea pigs to snakes and even saltwater fish. Their training goes well beyond typical veterinary school and dog or cat care. From unique anesthesia needs to surgical treatments, your LIBEVC veterinarian is best able to offer your pet the specialized care he needs that is not found at a regular veterinary office.

The top exotic pet clinic in New York City helps you steer clear of misdiagnosis

Because your exotic pet has unique needs, your veterinarian must be qualified to meet those needs and understand the specific nature of exotic diseases and conditions. When you see a veterinarian that says they are an exotic pet clinic NYC, you will want to ensure that they are board certified in exotics medicine. This certification means that they are trained to operate on exotic animals. This training is more extensive than for cats and dogs, so it is vital that your exotic pet clinic NYC has these specialties.

Exotic pet clinic NYC services

  • Sedation

  • Advanced anesthesia care

  • Temperature regulation equipment

  • Skills with manual intubation

  • Anxiety control methods

  • Pain management

  • Biopsy with endoscopic technology

  • Dental tools and skills

  • Spay and neuter equipment

  • Foreign body removal

  • Surgical mass removal

  • Birthing repairs

  • Adrenal gland services

  • Tissue removal

  • Emergency surgery

  • Minimally invasive surgery

Choosing the best animal clinic is vital to your exotic pet’s life

Imagine taking your little one's hamster to a typical veterinanrian only to find out that your pet needs emergency surgery, but no one at the office is qualified. Now, you have to first find a vet that is board certified, taking up critical time. Time is of the essence in these situations.

Selecting the right exotic pet clinic New York City could mean life and death for your pet. Our experts suggest picking an office that has the training and equipment to handle chinchillas and snakes. Specialty vets understand the delicate needs of exotic animals.

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