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Preventive Health Care for Exotic Mammals by Exotic Pet Vet

Small mammals like rats, chinchillas, and hamsters have a few health ailments that your exotic mammals vet will be on the lookout for each time you visit. While these issues can pose serious problems, routine exams and regular visits to your exotic mammals clinic offers the best quality of life for your family pet.

Intestinal issues

Rodents like to chew on things, and they ingest what they gnaw on, so it is crucial to make sure that what they chew on is safe. For instance, you should always mix a little of the new hay into old bedding to ensure that your pet does not get an upset stomach. This problem occurs when food is switched quickly too. Any changes need to be incorporated a little bit at a time with gradual increases as your pet is able to tolerate it, to prevent severe stomach problems and intestinal shut down requiring advanced medical care from an exotic mammals clinic.

Typical respiratory problems in mammals

Sneezing, coughing, and wheezing are common when the wrong wood chips are put in your pet's cage. They will have problems if the bedding is not cleaned and refreshed regularly. Your exotic mammals vet can give you a timeline that works best for cleaning if you do not know how often to change your pet's litter and bedding.

Oral complications in mammals

  • Sharp teeth causing ulcers in the mouth

  • Dental disease

  • Misalignment of the teeth

How your exotic mammals vet provides care that increases your pet's life

Your exotic mammals clinic offers routine check-ups as well as sick care. They have vital surgical expertise and equipment. They understand the nuances of taking care of small mammals.

Our exotic mammals vet is ready to look over your furry pet. We provide routine check-ups, immunizations, cat scans, surgical care, and disease treatment. We want to enhance the quality of your pet’s life, so please give us a call today at (516) 482-1101.

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