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Healthcare Tips for Ferrets

Do you have a new little mammal in your house? Does a ferret have your heart? At Long Island Birds & Exotics, providing ferret healthcare tips and training is our passion. We love to help our members and patients with wellness information and questions.

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Ferret healthcare tips

  • Ferrets are strict carnivores. Their gastrointestinal transit time is 3-4 hours therefore they should have easy to digest high-quality proteins.

  • Only let children play with animals when an adult is present - ferret bites can be vicious

  • Use a cage big enough for a litter box, room to play, and space for bedding

  • Regular ferret healthcare from an exotic pet vet

  • Training and handling to deter biting

  • Non-spill food and water dishes

  • Realize they are unique animals with peculiar characteristics and personalities

Why choose LIBEVC for your ferret healthcare needs

  • Years of experience with small mammals, lizards, fish, birds, snakes, and other exotic animals

  • Top-notch surgical center and patient care facility

  • Highly advanced technologies and tools

  • Routine monitoring, boarding, and grooming services

  • Behavioral health studies and care

  • Ferret healthcare tips and advice are only a phone call or post away

  • Compassionate technicians, surgeons, and medical staff

  • Full-service care for most exotic animals

  • Wellness and daily care techniques

  • Resources for healthcare needs

  • Preventative care services to provide the best quality of life

LIBEVC provides all the care, health and wellness, behavior, grooming, and advanced imaging services your ferret will need. We are always a call away if you have questions. You can get a hold of us on Facebook and Instagram too.

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