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Is Your Small Rodent Healthy?

You have your favorite little creature at home. You got the food pellets, read about small mammal care, and made sure to adorn the cage with toys, so now what? As with any pet, experts recommend that you take your rat or hamster in for a rodent health check up.

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What to expect in a rodent health check up

A smaller rodent health check involves weighing and measuring your animal. The specialist will look at the teeth and make sure that your pet is wearing them down properly. They will observe any signs of disease and health issues. They will also check for micro-chipping and add the barcode to the vet system for easy identification.

Signs your animal may need immediate care

  • Huddling in the corner of the cage and not socializing

  • Not eating or drinking like normal

  • Diarrhea or other digestive issues

  • Irregular tooth growth

  • Strange behavior like scratching excessively or hibernating in warm temperatures

  • Signs of heat stroke like lethargy or vomiting

Your smaller rodent health check up with Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic

When you need an expert to perform a smaller rodent health check up, LIBEVC is your local expert. Our vets are board certified and affiliated with the Association of Exotic Mammals Veterinarians. We have years of experience helping local pet owners with rodent care. We have a state-of-the-art equipment and surgical center for spay and neutering and emergency surgeries.

Take your pet to the leading vet clinic in the area. LIBEVC is proud to be a local provider of exotic pet care. Our smaller rodent health check up includes a full exam so that we can make sure your pet is happy and healthy for years to come. Call today at (516) 482-1101 to schedule a small rodent check up.

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