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LIBEVC - Making Exotic Pet Care Easy

Do you want to get a pet, but the traditional dog and cat are not on your radar? Do you want an animal that will provide you with companionship, joy, and be a part of your family? An exotic pet is any animal like gerbils, sugar gliders, bearded dragons, snakes, and birds. These creatures are fun additions to any family, but because they are unique, they require special care that little mammals or lizards need to thrive.

Why your unusual pet needs an exotic pet clinic?

Amphibians and hedgehogs are not smaller dogs, so they need treatment that is not typical from a standard veterinary office. An exotic pet clinic has appropriate equipment. Your parrot might be nervous in an office with bright lights and several barking dogs. It is necessary to control stress for animals that are prone to nervous reactions to minimize harming your pet. An exotic vet can give you housing care, nutrition, play, and mental health tips that will help your exotic animal live a quality life.

Leading exotic pet care from LIBEVC

Long Island Birds and Exotics Veterinary Clinic has extensive skills with unusual animals like potbelly pigs and ball pythons. When your rabbit needs exotic pet care, you know that you are getting the best care you can for your little critter. Our physicians are board certified and have extensive training with a specialty vet in the field. With cutting-edge technology and a calm and stress-reducing atmosphere, your exotic animal will not feel unnecessary discomfort that can mentally affect your pet.

When you need a special vet for your special pet, then call LIBEVC. You can reach us at 516-482-1101. We want to help you give your exotic the care he or she needs to live a long and healthy life.

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