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5 Ways to Keep Your Exotic Pet Mentally Healthy

When you have a ferret or an iguana, these animals do not act like a dog. They live and react differently than kittens and cats. Knowing what your new pet needs is one way that you can help them stay healthy and happy. Caring for the emotional health of your animal is a primary focus for exotic pet mental health needs.

Know about your animal

  • Learn the history of your pet

  • Understand the stress triggers for your exotic pet

  • Find out what reduces stress and helps your pet stay calm

Food and nutrition

  • Vitamins are necessary

  • Supplements and a broad range of food sources are common for exotic animals

  • Beware of signs of problems like not eating or drinking

  • Do not introduce new foods that are not typical to minimize stress and discomfort

Care and attention

  • Exotic animals need regular doting and talking to

  • Understanding the handling for each exotic you get is vital for keeping stress levels low

  • Improve mental health by looking for signs of distress

Simulate the natural environment

  • Find out what habitat and temperament your animal lives in naturally

  • Mimic temperature and humidity with specialized habitats, lighting, and humidifiers

Proper medical care

  • Initial exams are necessary to address any health concerns

  • Fast responses when your pet is ill with diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and not eating

  • Specialty treatment from an exotic pet vet

How LIBEVC can help you with exotic pet mental health needs​

  • Advanced medical center

  • Grooming and boarding

  • Anesthesia and surgical expertise

  • Stress-reducing environment

  • Board-certified experts

  • 24-7 answers

Your new pet has a broad range of needs, but with the knowledge and skill of your exotic pet expert at LIBEVC, you can help your critter stay happy. Reducing stress is a primary care goal for your exotic. Should you have questions, please call us anytime at 516-482-1101.

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