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Your Pet Tortoise - A Detailed Guide

Do you want a long-term pet that will grow with you or your children? A pet tortoise makes an exceptional pal to have at home. Our team at Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic wants to help you have a rewarding relationship with your pet.

Pet tortoise | Reptile vet and exotic pet vet | Long Island


  • 10-gallon aquarium as hatching, minimum 50-gallon or larger aquarium or safe outdoor enclosure for adult tortoises.

  • Mimic the natural environment - water and humidity temperatures depend on the species

  • Hot and cool areas, night lights, hiding boxes, plenty of secure branches and shaded areas

  • Water sources for drinking and soaking.

  • Appropriate bedding like repti-carpet, towels, paper towels or slate.


  • Calcium rich greens-mustard greens, dandelion greens, clover, collard greens, and Kale

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits chopped to appropriate size for juveniles or larger/whole pieces for adults

  • Essential vitamins; providing your tortoise with a variety of greens, vegetables, fruit and a UVB rays, either from the sun or an artificial bulb, will aid in giving your tortoise balanced nutrition.

Your pet tortoise will need a check-up when you get it

When you first get a pet tortoise, it is essential to have a health and wellness check to give your exotic vet the chance to go over proper husbandry and care for your species of tortoise. Routine care is crucial in helping your tortoise live a lasting, healthy life as these pets can often live as long as 50 plus years. Establishing a relationship with an exotics specialty veterinary clinic while your tortoise is young and healthy is the best way to prevent future illnesses, monitor health, and know where to go in the event of an emergency.

Why choose LIBEVC as your pet tortoise clinic?

  • Leading pet tortoise vet in the New York area

  • Grooming services

  • Years of experience with exotic animals

  • Highly specialized care for exotic species

  • Advanced imaging equipment

  • Preventative health services and bloodwork

  • Full surgical center

  • Behavior consults and husbandry reviews

LIBEVC wants to be your pet tortoise vet and can answer any questions you have about care and services by calling 516-482-1101.

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