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Patient Care Center

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In-House Laboratory & Diagnostics

We know having an ill pet can be stressful not only for your animal, but for your family as well. That’s why we do as much as possible in house at Long Island Bird & Exotic Vet Clinic. Being able to provide owners with fast, accurate answers while still in our clinic helps bring peace of mind. Moreover, it enables us to give your pet the most accurate care as soon as possible. LIBEVC utilizes advanced technologies and is one of the few exotic veterinary clinics in the nation to offer high-resolution imaging, specimen testing, and knowledgeable doctors all in one place!

We offer the following in-house diagnostics and testing:

  • Bloodwork including blood chemistries, toxicology and anemia testing

  • Fecal testing to look for parasites, yeast & bacterial overgrowths, occult blood, and more

  • Cytology, including microscopic samples of masses, avian crop sampling, and other microscopic samples

  • Imaging using our equipment including digital radiographs, CT scans, ultrasound, and endoscopy(link for the relevant pages here). 

Our doctors utilize these tools and technology to bring you as much knowledge about your pet’s conditions as possible during your time at our facility. When additional diagnostics are needed, we use specialized laboratories all over the country to obtain the specific testing your exotic pet needs. 

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