Why your Parrot Needs Regular Avian Veterinarian Health Check-ups

Your pet is part of the family, so naturally, you want the best for them. Regular check-ups at the avian pet veterinarian ensure that your parrot is in tip top health. By choosing an avian pet hospital for the care of your parrot, you are ensuring that they are getting the highest quality of health care that they need to thrive.

Veterinary assistant holding parrot and Avian and Exotic Pet Vet

Nassau County avian veterinarian helping parrots live long and healthy lives

Did you know that there is a method called the step up training that teaches your bird “who’s the boss” and lets you handle them without the risk of getting bit? Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic, or LIBEVC as we like to call it, has several helpful tips for bird owners. As a prominent local avian pet veterinarian, they can help you discover the leading care tips to help your parrot live a happy life while allowing you both to coexist in peace.

A skilled avian veterinarian advises against allowing your bird to get too attached to any one person

This tip helps prevent aggressive behavior toward other members of the household. Teaching your pet to accept the step up command from everyone in the home prevents the bird from becoming testy with others. It also makes it easier for everyone to care for your parrot and for your avian veterinarian to safely handle your bird.

Food tips from your local avian pet hospital

LIBEVC advises you to always vary your parrot's meals. Allowing them to get spoiled on seeds or a favorite food item prevents them from getting all of the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Maintaining a good diet is vital from day one. While it is ok to give them comfort foods the first few days in your home, after that, a regular diet is highly recommended to maintain your pet’s health and happiness.

Help your parrot remain safe and healthy with regular avian pet vet visits. LIBEVC is your leading Long Island avian pet hospital. Call (516) 482-1101 for more information or to schedule a well check.

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